EARTH Cork Backpacks Horta Ck5001


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  • Material Outer Cover 100% Natural Cork
  • Hypoallergenic and Easy to Maintain. It Is Soft to the Touch; Yet Withstands Rugged Use
  • Custom Steel Zippered Shoe Pocket with Nylon Interior on Bottom That Prevents Shoes to Touch Other Items in Bag
  • Interior Nylon Lined with Dual Compartment; One Is Flapped Covered and Two Pockets Under Flap
  • Dual Shoulder Strap for Equal Balance
  • 6Ì_Ì_? Strap on Top
  • Steel Buckle on Front to Attach Items
  • 14Ì_Ì_? Steel Zipper on Top to Open Back Pack
  • 14Ì_Ì_? Steel Zipper File Pocket on Front
  • 8Ì_Ì_? Steel Zipper File Pocket on Front
  • 9Ì_Ì_? Steel Zipper File Pocket on Front
  • Each Side Has a 8Ì_Ì_? String Adjustable Pocket
  • 14Ì_Ì_? by 9Ì_Ì_? Bottom
  • 19Ì_Ì_? High
  • Tapered Width 14Ì_Ì_? Bottom to 11Ì_Ì_? Top